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We follow a simple 5-stage approach to web development. Each step is adapted to bring to our clients a web solution that has an intuitive interface design, a user-friendly application, and adheres to standards of usability. 

Our 5 stage approach - Define, Design, Develop, Test, Deliver is a consistent, reliable and repeatable approach evolved through application on several projects. Each stage can be adapted to the unique needs and requirements of an individual project. Each stage also builds upon the deliverables of the previous stage.  Reviews and check points are provided at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Define: Defining the requirements is the key to successful development of any solution. Whether it is a simple e-brochure site or a large web application, collection of requirements is done as extensively as required, to provide a solution that adds value to your business. OHM solutions will work with you to identify and examine the needs, constraints, and existing systems to bring out a requirement that will fit your budget in terms of time and money. Our experience in providing web solutions to varied industry segments ranging from automobile to artists, enable us to provide constructive suggestions to our customers and make a proper analysis of requirements.

Design: Design phase involves designing of both the user interface as well the application. 
The interface design not only makes the website attractive but also helps the user to get to the information with much ease. While designing the user interface, our focus would be on the needs of the target audience and addressing usability issues like download time, sequencing, content and information access. 
The application design is developed based on your requirements. We ensure that our application is easy to use even for a not-so-techie user. Our team will spend most of its time on this phase to develop prototypes so that the end result is an application that will satisfy your need.

Develop: In the development phase we start to produce the deliverables. We ensure that every aspect of our project is tracked and documented. We have effective systems for version control and we count on a high level of communication between the projects leads, client contact, and third parties. 

Test: Our testing involves verification and validation of the requirements to ensure that we build not only 'product right' but also the 'right product'.

Deliver: We ensure that our solution meets all the requirements and specifications. We provide the necessary training required to use the application. Further to the delivery, we also provide on call support and maintenance.

Further, we wish to be your technology partners in your business growth as you go in for our services time and again.