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Customised web site design

Through the use of classic design techniques and latest technology we can create a visually stunning website for your company. Whether you need a simple online brochure or an explosive flash animation, we can design an affordable solution for you.

Web template kits

If you need a site thats ready to go within 4 days and is affordable, choose from a variety of web templates. The web template kits allow you to select from a set of designs, and will enable you to go online quickly.

Web Application Development

We can develop web-based applications that suit your specific business needs. Built on specially designed databases, the application can give as much or as little interaction with your visitor as you desire. You can use web applications such as an event calendar, or a newsletter module to regularly update your visitors with the latest information.

Self-Publishing Information pages

If you already have a website that you want to keep to date at a relatively low cost, we can provide you with an interface through which you can manage the contents of your website from your desktop. For eg. if you have product price list that needs to be updated regularly, we will provide a web based form that will enable you to update the price list directly on the website, thus helping you to cut down on your web maintenance costs.

Domain registration, hosting & Email service

We have tied up with leading service providers to provide you hosting and domain registration. In addition to just registering your domain, we manage all the domain related activites for you such as DNS changes, renewals etc., at no extra cost.

OHM can help you to manage email distribution within your office, by recommending suitable Mail Server Solutions for you.


A well maintained website ensures that your site is visited more often to check for new information. If you are looking to outsource all your web maintenance work, we can partner with you to provide a reliable, seamless service. The scope of the maintenance can range from textual changes such as change in telephone numbers etc. to a continous update on the site, such as product catalog maintenance etc.